PHP built-in web server

December 12, 2018

PHP comes with a built-in web server for local development. The web server can be started and stopped via command line and has some basic configuration options. Basic usage After a successful installation of PHP the php command should be available on the terminal. This can be tested with a simple version check: php --version If PHP is installed correctly a version statement should be printed out on the terminal. ... Read more

Stylesheet for printing

April 8, 2018

CSS can also be applied for styling paged media. Major browsers support basic primitives for print stylesheets. However, some more advanced features are only supported by proprietary render engines. Loading the print stylesheet A complete stylesheet document or single CSS rules can be contextually loaded based on the media type. There are basically 4 different media type contexts for stylesheets: all: which is default and is used for all contexts. ... Read more

Proof of work

December 20, 2017

In this article proof of work, as used in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is explained. Also a small demonstration, which simulates proof of work inside the browser is linked. Hashcash Originally proof of work algorithms were researched to be an effective measure against spam or denial of service attacks. Adam Back released a paper in 2002 were he named this approach as Hashcash. Similar approaches seem to be older than Hashcash, as found in the related work section on the Hashcash website. ... Read more

Understanding ERC-20 tokens

December 17, 2017

With the ERC-20 token standard an interface for ethereum smart contracts was defined to represent tokens on the ethereum blockchain. A common standard for the representation has many benefits for the future advent of blockchain based applications. Various applications can be built based on the token standard, which will allow to plugin every token complying with the standard and make it workable with the application: ERC-20 compliant wallets: Basically all tokens complying can be managed within one and the same wallet. ... Read more

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